A degree in English literature and language will go a long way in equipping a student to understand the nuances of communication which matters greatly in many areas involving inter-personal relationship and public relations. In most of the training programmes in the corporate world, a graduate in English has a significant role to play. English language plays a pivotal role as the universal link language and it has been accepted even in countries that were hesitant to deal with English. The importance of English emanates from the fact that it is
one of the most understood languages in the world and it has crossed all the geographical attributes and has become a native language for many.
Any language study will be incomplete without studying the rich literature associated with it. Hence, B.A. programme in English at SRM IST comprises of the select literary texts that have stood the test of time. Exposure to classics makes a person feel mellowed and sober.
We have specific target groups which include:
1) Persons with a desire to improve their proficiency in English
2) Those desirous of developing their communication skills
3) People who want to become teachers of English.
4) Persons who have passion for journalism
5) Blog writers
6) Translation professionals
7) People who have passion for English literature

The minimum qualification for admission to Bachelor of Arts – English (B. A. – English)  programme (Distance Education) shall be:

Pass in 12th STD / 10th STD + Dip (3 years)

Minimum Duration: 3 Years

Per Semester: Rs. 3,000/-

Whole Year: Rs.6,000/-

3 Years: Rs.18,000/-

 Prof. M. Daniel Rajkumar