Program project Report (PPR)

The world of business is constantly changing due to social change, Market change and consumer and individual attitude change. In addition to the above changes the technology in the form of web based, web enabled and web assisted technologies changes the way we do business by avoiding the place obstacle. Thus, it is of utmost importance to augment the excellent management talent and resources at all levels to face these revolution of changes. Strategies and goals of any educational institution has to be constantly redefined to keep in pace with the internal, external and societal environment changes. In order to achieve the above objectives SRM institute of Science and Technology developed a curriculum of BBA to meet these challenges. The same syllabus is going to be used for the Distance Education students also. The Business administration department is taking all its efforts in motivating the students to take up studies in management with the inclusive growth and developing of an effective entrepreneurs or goal oriented managers who would not be afraid of taking risk. The teachers and researchers at SRM supported by the technology oriented infrastructure create a better atmosphere in creating better managers who would contribute positively towards the betterment of the society or to take up consultancy to help business units leverage on management knowledge. The Distance Education Directorate’s philosophy is to allow students to transition into- or out-of post-secondary education over their lives as their professional and family commitments and also fulfillment of their educational needs. This is accomplished through an open admissions policy, laddered curriculum with a progressive credential structure, and a commitment to active prior learning assessment and recognition.

Relevance of the programme with HEI’s Mission and Goals
One of the fundamental aims of education is providing opportunities for learners at all level. The B.B.A programme offered in SRM Institute of science and Technology –Directorate of Distance Education is to attract talent and build employable graduates among the people who are not in a position to continue their education in a regular mode. It is our effort to provide rewarding and inspiring environment thereby fostering freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovation through advanced technology more particularly in Distance mode. The B.B.A programme would help them to transform the individual into intellectually competent human resources which could help in uplifting their status. The distance mode of education at SRM is effective in imparting quality education through flexi-delivery.
Program Educational Objectives
The learning goals of BBA specify the intellectual and behavioural
competencies that graduates should possess that provide the foundation for their future management skills and also personal development and success. Number of measurable learning objectives is established for each goal. In addition, developing professional skills and Business acumen are considered to be the core objective of the Programme. The programme aims to improve other skill areas also which include critical thinking and decision making, communication skill, ethical behaviour and social responsibility The specific objectives of the programme are as follows:

 To impart knowledge to the students in functional areas of business so that they may pursue careers in management and excel in different fields of management. 
 To promote knowledge through research- both applied and conceptual relevant to management.
 To enhance the decision-making skills and administrative competence of students.
 To motivate students to apply management techniques to new and
innovative areas of management.
 It aims at the holistic development of students by training in soft skills, computer skills, certificate courses and interdisciplinary subjects included under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).
Career Opportunities
The career opportunities of BBA students include in the following Main Sectors

 Banks and Financial Organizations
 Operations related to finance and insurance
 BPOs
 Account, Auditing, Tax etc.
 Actuarial
BBA Course, students have career Opportunities in various wide array of fields such as:
 Auditing
 Business analytics
 Budget Analyst
 Finance Manager
 Finance Analyst
 Stock Broking firms
 Cost Accountant