Best Practises

  • One of the best institutions in practicing online admission processes
  • Excellent pre-admission counselling mechanism and information dissemination system.
  •  The website is a repository of all vital information for a prospective learner to make a choice.
  •  Online fee-cart mode of payment and instant acknowledgment of payment.
  • Best learner-engagement model where a learner keeps receiving updates on academic and administrative activities of DDE throughout.
  •  The learners are provided with a unique e-mail id pertaining to SRM IST and all the learner activities are well monitored and recorded.
  •  The learners receive information not only about ODL but also about all SRM IST activities that makes them feel part of a large institution.
  • Using social media for peer group interaction and teacher- learner interaction is working very well.
  •  A vibrant feed-back system is in place.
  •  The SLMs are delivered electronically immediately after admissions pending dispatch of the printed material.
  •  Online PCPs along with face to face classes for effective coverage of all learners.
  •  Flexible timings of online classes to suit the needs of working people.
  •  A very credible and effective evaluation methodology and the results of semester exams are published within a month after the exams are over and the certificates are dispatched in real quick time.
  • Placement counselling is provided to learners and a learner group has been created for sharing of information on placement.
  •  The passed out learners organize webinars for the benefit of their successors in certain areas of their specializations.
  •  A good ERP system where all the data about learners are captured and used for improvement of Student Support Services and other delivery practices