5.1.5   Pre-admission counselling services at DDE (200 words)

The prospective distance learners would like to know various programme related information prior to submitting the application / joining. This is taken care by providing relevant information in the website in the form of textual content, FAQ, E-Brochures, Video and detailed programme project reports. Also, there is a live webinar session conducted to clarify learner’s doubt. In addition, the learner specific queries are answered through query management system, email, attending phone calls and in-person contact communication. As many of the candidates may be first time distance learners, they have a doubt on instructional system and support extended by directorate. Our faculty mentors are well-experienced in handling candidates query to understand the relative merits of the programme in the context of the candidate’s interest, profession and competence. The type of support provided at the pre-entry stage includes :

  • Guidance about the types of programmes and courses available in DDE @ SRMIST
  • Scope of study, career options, eligibility requirements and duration
  • Fee structure, advice regarding fee concession and refund policy
  • Admission process, application submission, mandatory documents submission,
  • Admission timelines
  •  Courses / Electives, Choice based credit system, Internal assessment and exam Pattern
  • SLM delivery, Contact classes, Learning Centres, Exam centres / schedules
  • Kind of faculty assistance during the course
  • The faculty mentor take advantage of technology support through electronic media and disseminate information in all possible ways.

Supporting Documents
1. Admission notification in Website | Digital Marketing sight | News Papers
2. Admission process stages | Fee | Scholarship | Refund policies
3. E-brochures for each programme
4. Program Project Report
5. FAQ links
6. Videos – pre-counseling,
7. Mail samples
8. WhatsApp samples
9. In-Person counselling photo