Detailed strategy plan

Distance Education is an important arena in Higher Education, in the achievement of equal educational opportunities for those who do not have access to traditional classroom based learning. The Directorate of Distance Education (DOE), SRM IST holds a great potential in turning itself into a leading source of knowledge acquisition and skill development to enhance education for all and life-long learning. The programs have been designed to be job-oriented and industry-relevant. The learners would have opportunities in exposing themselves to a multiplicity of learning experiences in the form of self-cleaning materials, face-to-face counselling and Web-based sources. Here are some of the features of DOE under SRMIST. The semester system and credit-based curriculum matches universal practices.

  •  Sourcing knowledge from different quarters including industries
  •  Technology based delivery system ensures greater participation from students.
  •  Priority to be given to skill- development wherever possible.
  •  Providing quality education by combining the best features available in both on-campus and distance education models.
  •  Scientific and objective evaluation system to establish credibility and standing for SRMIST Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.
  •  Online mentoring by industry practitioners and professionals.
  •  Content development teams leverage scientific methods in the development of learning/reference materials and practices to create and promote cognitive learning experiences.