• The Evaluation process has been developed based on objective and scientific guidelines with due importance to continuous Internal Assessments and Term End Examinations. This is to ensure that the learners get a fair chance of proving their mettle in different platforms of evaluation.
  • The complete academic performance of a student is evaluated by Internal / External Examinations. In the case of practical / project work where an external Examiner shall be appointed by the university for evaluation / viva voce.
  • The student performance in each course is evaluated based on in-semester assessment and end semester examination. The maximum marks for any course will be 100 comprising of 30 marks for Internal Assessment and 70 marks for the end semester examinations.

Evaluation Ratio

Review Of Report Dissertation & Viva Voce
Component Marks Component Marks
First Review 15 Presentation 10
Second Review 15 Analysis 20
Finding and Conclusion 20
Viva voce 20
Total 30 Total 70

The In – Semester Assessment Method

Course Details Assessment Tools Marks
Course With Theory Component Only Assignments / Case studies / Quiz / Multiple choice questions / Problem based solutions – I 15 Marks
Assignments / Case studies / Quiz / Multiple choice questions / Problem based solutions – II 15 Marks
Course With Theory Cum Practical Practical exercises -1 15 Marks
Practical exercises -2 15 Marks
Courses With Practical Practical exercises -1 10 Marks
Practical exercises -2 10 Marks
Practical exercises -3 10 Marks

  • Evaluation of the Project work is based on the Project
  • Review Report submission (30 Marks) and Dissertation and Viva-Voce Examination (70 Marks) conducted by University

Grading System

Letter Grades and Grade Points (GP)

Based on the semester performance, each student is awarded a final letter grade at the end of the semester in each Course. The letter grades and the corresponding grade points are as follows:

  • A student is considered to have completed a Course successfully or achieved a pass grade and earned the credits if he or she secure a letter grade other than “F” or “Ab” in that Course. A letter grade “F” or “Ab” in any Course implies a failure in that Course.
  • A Course successfully completed cannot be repeated.

Grade Grade Points
O 10 
A+ 9
A 8
B+ 7
B 6
C 5
P 4
F 0 (Fail Grade)
Ab 0 grade point (incomplete due to absence in the end semester examination; subsequently to be changed into pass (P to O) or F grade after appearing in the end semester examination. 

Award of Letter Grade

All assessment of course will be done on absolute marks basis. However for the purpose of the reporting the performance of a student, letter grades, each carrying certain points, will be awarded as per the range of total marks (out of 100) obtained by the student as detailed below.

Letter Grade Grade Points Range of Total Marks
O   (Outstanding) 10 91 – 100
A+ (Excellent) 9 81 – 90
A   (Very Good) 8 71 – 80
B+ (Good) 7 61 – 70
B (Above Average) 6 51 – 60
C (Average) 5 41 – 50
P (Pass) 4 40
F (Fail) 0 <40 Failure due to Insufficient marks in the course
Ab (Absent) 0 Failure due to non-appearance in the examination

Grade Sheet

The Grade card / sheet issued by the controller of Examinations to each student, after the announcement of the results will contain the following:

  • The credit of the each course.
  • Letter grade obtained in each course.
  • Total number of credits earned by the student upto end of that semester in each of the course categories.
  • The CGPA of all the courses taken from the First semester onwards.
  • Computation of Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) and cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The SGPA will be calculated according to the formula, Where Ci = credit for the ith course, (GP)i =the grade point obtained for the ith course n= total number of courses and the sum is over all the courses taken in that semester, including those in which the student has secured and Ab grades.

For the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) following formula is used: Where Si = Sum of credits in ith semester, (SGPA) =Semester Grade Point Average earned in ith semester rand r = number of semesters and the sum is over all the semesters under consideration.

The SGPA and CGPA shall be rounded off to 2 decimal points and reported in the transcripts.

Eligibility for the Award of the Degree

A Student shall be declared to be eligible for the award of the Degree provided if, the student has successfully completed the course requirements and has passed all the prescribed examinations in all the six semesters within the maximum duration and no disciplinary action is pending against him/her.

Award of Degree: All successful candidates will be awarded Degrees by the University.

Classification of the Degree Award

Class / Distinction will be awarded to the students after they successfully complete the Programme as per the norms stipulated in the following table:

Category CGPA Class / Distinction
Students who successfully completed the Under Graduate Programme within the time duration of 6 Semesters ≥ 8.0 (without “F” (or) “Ab” in any semester) First Class with Distinction
≥ 8.0 (without “F” (or) “Ab” in any semester but obtained pass grade “O” to “P” subsequently ) First Class
≥ 6.0 & < 8.0 First Class
≥ 5.0 & < 6.0 Second Class
≥ 4.0 & < 5.0 Third Class
Students who cannot complete the Under Graduate Programme in 6 Semesters but complete it successfully within the time duration of 7 Semesters ≥ 6.0 First Class
≥ 5.0 & < 6.0 Second Class
≥ 4.0 & < 5.0 Third Class
Students who cannot complete the Under Graduate Programme in 7 Semesters but complete it successfully within the time duration of 10 Semesters ≥ 5.0 Second Class
≥ 4.0 & < 5.0 Third Class