A post-graduation in English is one of the most sought after programmes as it covers a wide range of people. There is the teaching community at schools who always get the benefit of an additional qualification which can be used for their professional advancement. In this era of technical Education, many techies want to pursue M.A. (English) through distance education which helps them in honing their creative thinking and communication skills. Being an international language, English literature offers tremendous possibilities as a spoken language and provides opportunities for candidates to understand how the British, American and European cultures through their classics. The platform provided by distance education also helps people who left their higher education half way due to personal situations to continue their pursuit.

To make students of English literature develop a sense of beauty in their otherwise a mundane approach to life and other matters. It is also our endeavour to inculcate a critical outlook to men and matters around them by invoking the best creative minds in the world of literature.
The programme we propose to offer encompasses a wide range of subjects including some of the non-British and non-American literature. For example there is a course on English Language teaching and one on Linguistics. The students will be exposed to the subjects that have currency at this point of time and we also will revise the curriculum and syllabus according the demands of time.
The programme is mainly meant for people who could not continue their studies either due to financial constraint or due to early employment and would like to pursue their studies further. The second target group is tie people who have a passion for literature and want to study literature for their own satisfaction. The third group would be people who would like to build up a career by studying literature and language which would make them good translators, journalists or trainers in software industry.
Through this programme, we propose to give exposure to our students a unique experience of handling the nuances of language both in the written and spoken forms. At the end of the programme, a student should be able to approach competitive environments with more confidence. A fluency in English always wins them immediate respectability in the society and also in an administrative set up.

The minimum qualification for admission to Master of Arts – English (M. A. English)  programme (Distance Education) shall be:

Any graduate with English as one of the subjects

Minimum Duration: 2 Years

Per Semester: Rs. 4,000/-

Whole Year: Rs.8,000/-

2 Years: Rs.16,000/-

 Prof. M. Daniel Rajkumar